C.A.P.S. June 2024 Newsletter

Meet Kara Doctor, a beacon of compassion and innovation in Parkinson's care. With over two decades of experience, Kara's journey intersects with CAPS's vital support network. From pioneering treatments like Focused Ultrasound to fostering community through support groups, Kara's dedication shapes Parkinson's care. Join us in celebrating 40 years of CAPS's impactful journey, marked by milestones and renewed commitment to the PD community.

C.A.P.S. May 2024 Newsletter

Step into the journey of Sidney Collin, a beacon of innovation and dedication within the CAPS community. From her roots in Biomedical Engineering to co-founding De Oro Devices, Sidney's commitment to enhancing the lives of those with Parkinson's disease shines through. Explore her heartfelt message of gratitude and determination, illuminating pathways of hope and collaboration.

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month!

Springtime blossoms with vibrant hues, echoing the lively spirit of CAPS President, Victor Becker's latest letter. Delve into the blossoming initiatives, from expanding services to welcoming dynamic board members, all while anticipating the transition ahead. Embrace the essence of community and advocacy this season brings.

We’d Like to Extend a Warm Welcome to Our New CAPS Board Members

Learn about the latest members to join the CAPS Board of Directors, hear from our Treasurer and find out how to get involved in Parkinson’s events

The Journeys of Two CAPS Team Members

Two CAPS team members are sharing their experience working with the Capital Area Parkinson’s Association. See where their journeys began.
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