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Parkinson’s Disease affects each person uniquely and sometimes, writing about it helps.  The Capital Area Parkinson’s Society is proud to share the following reflections on PD from individuals who use contemplation, positive thinking and strong sense of humor to help them cope with their situations.  Click on the links below!

Would you like to share your thoughts and/or experiences regarding Parkinson’s Disease?  We invite you to send your story to CAPS and if appropriate, we will add it to the website*. Please send your story to Send it as an email or attach your story as Microsoft Word document.

Adobe Reader is required to view the items listed above.  Click here to download the latest version from Adobe. It’s free!

*The Capital Area Parkinson’s Society reserves the right to choose which submissions it will publish.  By submitting your story/reflection, you are granting permission for CAPS to use it on this website.  If you do not want your full name used, tell us.  Likewise, we can include your email address so that others may contact you.  Your privacy is of the utmost importance; CAPS will not provide your personal information to any individual or organization.

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