October 19th – Norma Almanza

Norma Almanza of the Texas Department of Insurance, is our featured presenter for October. Norma supports a statewide network of staff and volunteers that help Medicare beneficiaries with their Medicare related questions and concerns.

Persons on Medicare are suppose to have options to receive benefits and having other insurance is always recommended.  Although an individual’s options may be limited by other coverage they have or do not have, for persons with chronic illnesses and/or younger than age 65, that other coverage is even more challenging. Norma will review Medicare changes for 2014 and how to review coverage options to receive quality healthcare.

This is an important topic — we are delighted to have Norma as our guest speaker. Her presentation will be of interest to anyone with questions regarding insurance coverage as it relates to Parkinson’s Disease, and we hope you will join us.

Norma Almanza





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