May 21st – Dr. Mark Carlson on Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention for an Aging Community


Dr. Mark Carlson

Our April Membership meeting features a presentation on an important topic of interest to virtually all of us. We will be joined by Dr. Mark Carlson, who will discuss fall prevention. Falling can mark a significant event impacting a senior’s independence. According to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control more than 30% of Americans over age 65 fall each year and emergency departments respond to nearly 2.5 million fall-related injuries annually. (That’s one fall injury every 13 seconds.) Typically, the fall is a symptom of disease (or treatment of a disease i.e. medications) such as metabolic disorders, poor nutrition, neurological disease or general decline in overall conditioning. The fall often creates additional complications such as bleeding and fractures, which makes treatment more difficult.

Dr. Carlson’s presentation is designed to help minimize fall risk. Dr. Carlson will discuss the health conditions that most commonly cause falls to occur. An awareness of the issues is a place to start. While it can be difficult to predict when a fall may happen, Dr. Carlson will share the signs and symptoms to be on the lookout for. By the end of the presentation, seniors will have a list of actions they can apply to their daily lives to help reduce the risk of falls.

Dr. Mark Carlson is a fellowship-trained, board-certified geriatrician, internist and oncologist with 30 years of healthcare experience. He is the Founder and Director of Be Well MD, an innovative medical practice designed specifically for seniors. So that patients can receive their healthcare in an individualized setting, Dr. Carlson and his clinical team see their patients in the comfort of their own home. Be Well MD incorporates the highest quality medical care and also ensures patients have consistent, convenient access to care through a concierge service. Dr. Carlson’s personal mission is to help seniors live healthier and happier lives.