Austin YOPD – May Meeting – Robyn Levy

Most of Me: Surviving My Medical Meltdown

Speaker / Author Robyn Levy

At forty-three, Robyn Levy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and breast cancer. With irreverent and at times mordant humor, Levy chronicles her early, mysterious symptoms of Parkinson’s (a dragging left foot, a frozen left hand, and a crash into “downward dead dog” position), the devastating diagnosis, her discovery of two lumps in her breast, her mastectomy and oophorectomy, and her life since then dealing with her diverse disease portfolio.

Robyn will be presenting to Austin YOPD from Canada.  Following her presentation there will be a Questions and Answer session.

There will be a drawing for an autographed copy of her book.

Most of Me: Book Trailer (good overview of book)…

Most of Me: Excerpt “The Bad Old Days”…

Most of Me: Excerpt about my dad & me having…

Most of Me: Excerpt about marrying an older man…

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