CAPS Leadership

CAPS recognizes and thanks our dedicated Board Members and Advisors, all of whom volunteer their time, energy and resources for the betterment of those whose lives have been touched by Parkinson’s Disease.  Learn more about Board Member roles and responsibilities, and how you can become involved . . .

2019 CAPS Officers, Advisors & Board Members

Tereasa Ford – President
Deborah Bryson- Vice President
Donna Hohm – Secretary
Rene Ruiz – Treasurer

Board Members
Susan Alamo
Patricia Bordie
Philip Curtin
Margaret DeVinney
Kara Doctor
Jene Ebest
Ariel Rosenbaum Goward
Paul Hagen
Jeana Hinch
Andrew Hodge
Gwen Hoffman
Kitty Hoskins
Corrine Jones
Susie Lightfoot Scherr
Joyce Massey
Landria Page
Kay Peterson
Teffanie Price
Ingrid Sarrat
LaDonna Shirley
Shirley Uzzell