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November 19th – Dr. Tom Hill & Rhonda Winegar on Sleep Issues and Parkinson’s

Parkinson's and Sleep Issues You'll have no problem staying awake for our November Membership meeting. Our guest presenters are Dr. Thomas Hill and Rhonda Winegar (RN, FNP-BC). Their presentation focuses on sleep issues and disorders, and how problems sleeping may impact Parkinson's and vice-versa. Dr. Thomas Hill, long time friend and supporter of CAPS, is Medical Director at St. David's … [Read more...]

June 18th – Jo Bidwell, M.Ed. on Parkinson’s and Nutrition

Nutrition and Parkinson's Disease - What You Need to Know You are what you eat, or so they say. But how are nutrition and Parkinson's linked? More importantly, how can nutrition impact Parkinson's in a positive way? Learn the answers to these questions and much more at our June membership meeting, where we will be joined by Ms. Jo Bidwell. Our featured presenter, Ms. Bidwell is uniquely … [Read more...]

May 21st – Dr. Mark Carlson on Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention for an Aging Community Our April Membership meeting features a presentation on an important topic of interest to virtually all of us. We will be joined by Dr. Mark Carlson, who will discuss fall prevention. Falling can mark a significant event impacting a senior’s independence. According to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control more than 30% of Americans over age 65 … [Read more...]

Coming in April – CAPS Annual Health Fair!

The 2016 CAPS Annual Health Fair will take place Saturday, April 16th. Healthcare providers and agencies from the Central Texas area will be on hand to provide information custom-tailored for CAPS members. (Providers and organizations interested in participating can learn more here.) … [Read more...]

CAPS Annual Health Fair – 2016 – Exhibitor Information

All community health care providers and agencies serving the Central Texas area are cordially invited to be part of CAPS 2016 Annual Health Fair. The event takes place Saturday, April 16th, at St. David's Medical Center*, in Austin. Hours are from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Central. The exhibitor fee is just $50, and to ensure great visibility for sponsors/exhibitors, we are limiting the number of … [Read more...]

April 16th – CAPS Annual Health Fair

Join us for CAPS Annual Health Fair, Saturday, April 16th. Held in lieu of our monthly membership meeting, this is an excellent way to learn about valuable community resources available. Healthcare providers and agencies from across the Central Texas area will be on hand to provide information and answer your questions. Don't miss your chance to get the latest scoop on . . . Transportation … [Read more...]

CAPS Next Membership Meeting – Saturday March 19th

For our March membership meeting, CAPS is delighted to host Living with Parkinson's, an important panel discussion. Our featured panelists include neurologist Dr. Britt Stone; Sarah King, DPT; and Speech Therapist, Elise Siprelle. Expert panel discussions, such at this, are key to staying up to date on Parkinson's, on treatment options, and on effective ways of managing it. Following the … [Read more...]