March 21st – Jennifer Perez

St. David’s Adaptive Driving Program

Jennifer Perez joins us in March to discuss the Adaptive Driving Program offered by St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital. This program is the only one of its kind in Central Texas. Because driving is an important part of maintaining independence, the program promotes self-reliance through medically-based driver evaluation and training.


Jennifer Perez

The Adaptive Driving Program provides an objective and standardized method for determining your ability to drive and use adaptive equipment, as well as willingness to enhance behind-the-wheel safety.

Jennifer Perez is a Sr. Occupational Therapist and Driving Program Coordinator for St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital. Jennifer has been a TEA certified Driver Rehabilitation instructor since ’00. She works with clients throughout the central Texas region, ranging from 16 years of age to 90+ years of age, to promote driving safety and independence.

Lunch will follow the presentation.